Anima documentation

Welcome to the documentation of Anima and Anima scripts. Thanks for your interest. Here are a few directies to installing and what Anima and Anima scripts may do for you. Mailing lists are available for any questions on the tools at

First steps

If this is your first time here, you may be very well interested in installing Anima. This may be done either from source compilation or by installing a binary package of your choosing. Once you have done so and if you are interested in getting our Anima scripts (scripts that use Anima tools to perform complex processing series), look for the installation steps here.

Tools documentation

More detailed documentation on the different tools available in Anima current release is provided here. It includes documentation on the following tool categories:

Scripts documentation

And finally we provide a documentation of the main scripts available in Anima scripts that basically use Anima to make fancy things like:

Citing Anima or Anima scripts

So far, there is no white paper on Anima or Anima scripts. If you are using Anima for your research, please take the time to:

  • cite the relevant papers referenced in the different pages of this documentation
  • add a sentence in your acknowledgments section or footnote in the methods part of your paper referencing the RRID of Anima: RRID:SCR_017017 or Anima scripts: RRID:SCR_017072 (should be written like this to ensure it is recognized by search bots)
  • if possible, add as well the main website address (eg. as a footnote):

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts Thanks !


Anima is licensed under an Aferro GPL v3 license. More details are provided in the licensing page.